Inked Toad Press is an independent publishing company
under the DiTaGroup LLC umbrella.
Located in Maine.
Publish poetry - free verse or prose poetry-
chapbooks & full-length books for independent authors.
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We represent the next step up from self-publishing. Inked Toad Press is a go-to independent small press for the playful or the deeply literary. We champion all writers, new or established. We take chances with all writers and go places where you might not expect. Our mission is to support independent authors through the publishing process with affordable services such as editing, design and printing. We can make your work accessible with minimal costs.

It’s safe to say that self-publishing is not a fad – it’s here to stay as long as the internet is around, and will only continue to evolve. In fact, the self-publishing industry is now entering a new phase. This phase will be direct sales from author to reader by way of subscription models, crowd sourced funding, and other income streams. There is a new option - a small indy press like Inked Toad Press. We will take your book of poetry to a published copy stage where you can choose how to market and sell it. We take the stress out of "self-publishing."

To summarize, self - publishing trends focus on the increased opportunities for authors to use technology and the internet to build sustainable businesses and writing careers. Some forecasted industry trends for 2019 and beyond are:

  • Direct author to reader with a new breed of middleman
  • The rise of the “authorpreneur” and indie authors and indy publishers
  • Blockchain technology
  • Decline of major publishers
  • Expanded eBook subscriptions
  • Less stigma
  • Voice marketing as a new avenue for authors
  • Increase in self-published books in the retail world

    The key takeaway is that indy press self-publishing allows authors to publish their writing and share their stories with the world. In fact, you don’t even have to pass through the "traditional publishing" gatekeeper to become an author. Today, writers and storytellers are more empowered than they ever have been in history. In today’s publishing marketplace, indy press self-published authors are leading the race. Now, as an authorpreneur, you have total control over the cover design, content, and distribution of your book with Inked Toad Press.

    Why Publish?
    It is your heart - part of who you are. Sometimes you just want it for yourself or family and other times you might want to share it with the rest of the world.

    DiTa Group LLC

  • Published Books


    Inked Toad Press

    Inked Toad Press is an independent publishing company under the DiTa Group LLC umbrella. They are located in Tenants Harbor Maine. Publish poetry, verse, free verse or prose poetry in addition to memoirs.
    Chapbooks and full-length books available. Work one-to-one with the publisher, DiTa.

    Books Published:
    A Goldfinch's Winter Garden
    Reach Up a Trap a Handful of Sky
    Dooryards Under Monhegan Sky
    The One and Only OceanView Grange Cookbook
    how a panther must hold a raven
    ten thousand trains
    his silent song
    A Taste of Ink
    east meets west
    the gratitude basket
    3,024,000 seconds
    Redfox and Whitebear

    Submission Guidelines

    Inked Toad Press

    is a small indy publishing endeavor. We publish poetry, free verse or prose poetry as well as short memoirs. Chapbooks and full-length books.
    We accept submissions year-round. We can make your dream a reality, your words into a book. The author must hold all rights to their submitted work.
    Manuscripts may include poems that have been previously published in periodicals, anthologies, chapbooks, or on the web, but the manuscript may not have been published as a larger body of work.


    You may submit a chapbook length manuscript of 20-40 pages or a full-length manuscript of 42-88 pages in a single word docx. document via email attachments,
    • The text must be written in English.
    • Include your writer's bio including publications, (no publications are necessary)
    • Include a title page
    • Table of Contents is optional
    • Please include an acknowledgments page if needed, this a list of poems that have published in journals, magazines, chapbooks, or anthologies.
    • Each poem should start on a new page
    • Use 12 pt font, with at least one-inch margins
    • Please be sure that your submission is your final version, unless you are requesting editing of any kind. We can make it right.
    • We only accept word docx. manuscripts; email word docx. in an attachment to

    The author must hold all rights to their submitted work.
    • It’s always free to submit. There are no fees to submit and start the conversion with Inked Toad Press
    • We can take your pile of poems and turn them into a book
    • Fees will be determined on size (number of pages) and complexity of the project, including how much editing is required and creation of covers
    • Your book swill also receive an ISBN number and you can decide where you want it to be made available (Amazon or just you)
    • Most work is published within 2-16 weeks of acceptance depending on size and content
    • Basic: Editing Fees are from $100-$500
    • Price per copy is the publishing fee; you can choose to have 1 copy or 100s of copies and you can have as many reprints as you like
    • Cost per copy will depend on size of book, number of pages, and illustrations
    • There will be appropriate shipping fees
    • You’re welcome to include images with your written work. (Note black and white images add no additional cost to the project whereas colored images do add overall cost and require white gloss paper.
    • We can create your cover, provide art or use your art
    • You can submit a title for your work or have our Content Editor do it
    • Book reviews/Blurbs can be added to the back cover and author photo


    Work may need to be copy &/or content edited. Copy editing is the process of reviewing and correcting written material to improve accuracy, readability, and fitness for its purpose, and to ensure that it is free of error, omission, inconsistency, and repetition; in the context of publication in print, copy editing is done before the first proof print and again after the first proof. Copy editing refers to editing in terms of spelling, punctuation, and correct usage of grammatical symbols. We can also provide content editing also known as substantive editing, that is the editing of material, including its structure and organization, to correct internal inconsistencies and discrepancies; content editing may require heavy editing or rewriting as compared to mechanical editing
    • Covers: we can create your cover & provide artwork or use your image.
    • A shortened bio will be included on back cover


    The author must hold all rights to their submitted work
    • Length is very open ( 20-100 pages)
    • If your work has been published elsewhere, please tell us when and where
    After the book is printed?
    An Image of the cover and title will be put on our website. We’re happy to include links to your websites, social media, and sales pages in order to encourage readers to learn more about your work on our website. When you have news to share — perhaps a new book or an exhibition —


    We will not sell your books for you.
    We do not do marketing or advertising.
    Please note: All rights to published work remain with the author; you always keep your copyright


    Call us: 207.542.8889
    Email Inked Toad Press